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The Earnings Scout Earnings Indicator is a percentile (1-100) ranking of stocks based on the changes in earnings momentum, volatility and stock price, where 100 is the highest rank. Unlike traditional earnings models, the Earnings Scout’s forward looking proprietary model is highly predictive that will make investors aware of key market entry and exit points. We are announcing our newly created Earnings Scout Sales Indicator. The Sales Indicator has the same characteristics as the Earnings Indicator based on sales momentum. Call our sales team to see how the Earnings Scout Indicators can provide you the edge in creating alpha.



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The Earnings Scout Screening permits you to easily filter our extensive database of 4,400 companies by all major indexes, global markets, ESI ratings analyst coverage or a market cap range. Our newest filter uses the ES Earnings Volatility of the companies rated by the Earnings Scout. Once you have located a company of interest, you can quickly access the historical graphical representation of the changes for the ES Indicators for earning and sales and if they are improving or weakening. Over the past 5 years, 62% of our buy recommended stocks outperformed with an average holding period of 18 months and 66% of the industries we recommended to avoid underperformed.




The Earnings Scout provides access to Company to Sector, Company to Industry and Company to Company comparisons. A positive score indicates the company’s EPS estimates are going up. Negative scores indicate they are going down. The score itself denotes the magnitude of those revisions. The ES Trend shows if these are improving, weakening or no trend. MasterCard and Visa’s earnings estimates are weakening. However their share prices continue to rise. This is not a sustainable trend.




The Earnings Scout can provide customized portfolios for your securities, enabling you to, with a click of a button, see the portfolios performance and how The Earnings Scout recommendations can add alpha to your holdings. Contact us today so you can start putting the power of the Earnings Scout Indicators and Earnings Volatility metrics to maximize your risk adjusted returns. Ask about our 30-Day Trial and our demonstration of the Earnings Scout services and client portal.




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